What is your style, do you have a special genre you play?

We prefer to let the music do the talking for us. What that means is simply this: We will not be the center of attention on your wedding day. You will know we are there and we will do a fabulous job, but we believe the focus should be on the the bride, groom and their families. We will not be overpowering.

Do you have a demo tape or can we see you play at another function?

Unfortunately at this time we do not have a demo tape. We also have a policy of not inviting potential clients to see us at another client’s function. The reason for this is we would not want to use your function as a sales pitch, we are there for you and our attention will be focused on your event the entire time we are there. We are more then happy to provide you with references if you require them.

Will you play from a play-list if we provide one?

Absolutely! However, we do recommend allowing us the freedom to read and work the crowd, therefore we suggest giving us a list of songs you would like to hear but not a specific set play list. Often times the music you enjoy and the music choice of your guests is slightly different, allowing us some freedom will give us the opportunity to please your entire audience.

Do you work alone, how do your breaks work?

We perform all weddings together. We rarely take breaks, but if we do, we can set the system up so music will continue even in our absence. Be assured there we will be no dead air during your function.

How much time do you need for setup?

We typically arrive one hour prior to the function start time to allow for set up.

How much room do you take up, how big of a table do you require?

A standard six foot long table is all we require. Depending on the room layout, the speakers will normally be placed at each end of the table facing the dance floor.

What do you wear?

We do not wear the typical tuxedo; we prefer a more modern look. Although the look is still very professional, we prefer to look more like DJs and less like the wait staff. Of course, as with anything regarding your big day, if you prefer the standard tux, we will be more than happy to accommodate that as well.